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Marketing My Practice - Realizing the Dream of Private Practice Success

Find a certifed sex therapist who can help you here. You can also call us at 1-800-865-0686 for a free referral.Welcome to 

Do you want to jump start your new practice or take your existing practice to the next level? 

Do you need more clients, a marketing plan you can put into practice, a business vision you love, or an overall life and work plan?

Are you relying on the " If I'm a good therapist, won't I get referrals through the "word of mouth" system?

Do you cringe at the thought of having to "market" or "sell" yourself to referral sources?

Are you thinking of expanding, diversifying, creating your niche and becoming more profitable, or trying to get organized and on top of the multitude of tasks that come with managing a small business, but don't know where to start?

Then you've come to the right place! We can help! Our experts will assist you in reaching your goals, realizing your dreams and achieving the kind of success you've only imagined.

We offer you the wisdom and support of a  personal expert in your field, someone who works, not from their agenda, but yours, who really wants you to be as successful as you desire, someone who can really support you in achieving your goals?  

Because our experts have "been there and done that," and done it successfully, we know the practical realities as well as the "inner attitudes"  necessary to make it work in the age of managed care. Look around our site; take your time and review the wealth of information and material here to support your business goals.

Our challenge to you is to start now; use the next 12 months to develop the kind of practice that offers you the freedom to do the kind of therapy you trained for and love to do!  It takes a plan, work, and discipline, but we PROMISE you, it's worth it!

 Join our Network and we will walk you, month by month through a comprehensive plan to take your practice to the next level. Through the use of newsletters, monthly practice building task assignments, discussion forums, live online group chat sessions with our marketing experts, and the listing options we offer, you will see your practice grow and develop in new and exciting ways.  We want to help you succeed!  Click here to join.

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