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You can find a Christian Therapist here. Find a therapist who can help you here. You can also call us at 1-866-450-3463 for a free referral.Welcome to Christian Therapists.US 

Choosing a therapist, whether online or from an insurance provider list, can be a daunting task.

The first step is determining which  type of therapist you need. The therapists listed here all identify themselves as Christian. They provide their license or certification information which is available to the consumer for verification through their state's regulating body.  
However, you want a well-trained Christian therapist who has good relationship and clinical skills.

Therapy is not value free.  While all therapists are trained to respect the values of their clients and work from the client's worldview, many people feel more comfortable with someone they feel shares their values and belief system. 

A Christian counselor brings an added dimension. He/she is mixing Christian faith with psychological principles. A Christian therapist is able to help you use your faith to bring about change and healing.

You are the consumer of therapy services.  It is perfectly appropriate to ask a practice or insurance company to give referrals for Christian therapists. You can also check with local churches and professional organizations.  Don't be afraid to ask!

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